Associate Pastor of Students and Families – JBC Connects Pastor


An introductory note


Joy Baptist Church is a small country congregation with big kingdom hearts. The right candidate will not let the size of the church be a deterrent to faithfully fulfilling his calling by God. JBC does not have your typical church staff. The senior pastor is presently the only staff member has been fighting the good fight for over 10 years. Just because the church is small doesn’t mean the ministry is small. JBC has a great opportunity to see its community greatly impacted by the Gospel of Christ. It will be hard work. It will be difficult breaking down barriers. It will take a man of God who is dedicated to seeing Liberty City and the surrounding communities transformed by the Gospel! The people of JBC are loving, caring, and compassionate who will come alongside this man of God and dedicate their time, energy, and talents to see him be successful in this new chapter of his life. Expectations are high, but we serve a great and awesome God who will equip the work of the ministry. The people of JBC believe with all their hearts that this new Connects Pastor will be beneficial to the ministry of the church and God will bless it more abundantly than we can ask or imagine. If you want something new and exciting; this is place. If you want a challenge and ready to work hard; this is the place. If you want to see God do amazing things and see lives transformed; this is the place. If you want to just get some experience until you find a bigger church with brighter lights; this is NOT the place for you. We are only interested in God’s man who isn’t afraid of the challenge and the hard work it takes to be successful. If this is you… then please continue reading.


General Description

The JBC Connects Pastor is a man called by God to pastoral ministry. He will work alongside the senior pastor in vision casting assisting him with casting the vision and implementing the mission of the church. His primary pastoral role will be the Pastor of Students within the framework of JBC Connects Ministry. He will engage the student ministry with a passion to see students’ lives transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He will use his ministry with students as a way to connect with the families of JBC and the surrounding communities. It is the vision of JBC to “Connect” its children, students, and families to God, the Gospel, Missions, and the ministries of the church. The JBC Connects Pastor will have direct pastoral oversight within the framework of the JBC Connects mission. He will work alongside the JBC Children’s director as they combine their efforts in connecting both children’s ministry and student’s ministry to the whole mission of the church. While the JBC Connects Pastor’s primary role will be Student ministry, the over-all umbrella of his ministry will cover all aspects of JBC Connects ministry.


Essential Functions

  • Serve as an example of godliness, humility, and disciple-making.

  • Help develop and sustain ministry for JBC Connects:

    • Connecting Parents to their children from nursery to adolescents

    • Cross-generational evangelism/discipleship

    • Healthy peer relationships

  • Consistent with Ephesians 4:11-16, build, train, encourage, and invest in church members who serve birth-College and their families connecting them through exceptional volunteer ministry teams.

  • Effectively build and develop leadership teams within each ministry setting.

  • Work with Children’s director to help ensure that the weekly ministries to these groups are biblically faithful and done with excellence:

    • Preschool, Children’s, and Youth Connects Groups (working in conjunction with the Children’s director).

    • JBC Connects Wednesday Night Services. (Primary responsibility will be Connects Students worship services)

  • Effectively administer summer activities involving all aspects of JBC Connects especially Students.

    • This would include Youth Summer Camp and any summer outreach ministries.

    • Student missions should play a large role in summer outreach ministries.

  • Work alongside the senior pastor to implement the vision of the church. He will assist the senior pastor with the overall pastoral duties of the church.

    • Pulpit Supply

    • Hospital visits

    • Visitations

    • Participate in SBTC and other organizational functions.

  • Report directly to the senior pastor who will be his direct supervisor and oversee his ministry duties. The senior pastor will offer a yearly accountability reviews.

  • The Connects pastor will attend mandatory weekly staff meetings as set by the senior pastor.

  • Have in place scheduled office hours every week where he will help in the overall administrative duties of the church.


Key Personal Qualities

  • Meet the biblical qualifications of a Pastor/Elder (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9).

  • Affirms the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message (

  • Can effectively share the Gospel and model it.

  • Can effectively teach the Bible with cultural relevance.

  • Must be gifted organizationally and administratively.

  • Must be motivated, energetic, and willing to learn, yet mature enough to lead.

  • Must be willing to get involved in the life of (1) children, (2) teenagers, (3) college students, and (4) parents to cultivate meaningful gospel relationships.

  • Can encourage and love people with a servant’s heart.

  • Should have a desire to pursue a bible education if not already completed a Bible college undergraduate degree and is interested in continuing his education with a graduate level seminary degree.

  • This is a full-time vocational ministry position. The work of a minister cannot be set to a standard 40 hour work week. Although the “work” will be considered done within a 40 hour work week there will be times where the Connects Pastor will have to work nights, weekends, and odd hours of the week.

  • He must be licensed and ordained into the Gospel ministry having left his ordaining church in a manner worthy of honoring God.


Preference will be given to candidates who:

1) have proven experience in these areas;

2) have effectively communicated their pastoral calling into vocational ministry;

3) have completed or currently attending some sort of biblical education;

4) have a family themselves.


A competitive salary has been established and will be reviewed based upon education and experience. Any interested candidate should submit their resume and cover letter with attached Letters of Recommendation and references to All resumes should include video links of sermons preached. Deadline for resumes received will be Dec. 11, 2016. Any questions regarding this position should be sent to the above email.