#GospelLife - 03 -- Gospel Grace

Good Morning Church,

I am so pumped this morning. I know most of you will acknowledge the fact that Sunday morning is what gets me going and keeps me going through the rest of the week. Sunday morning is the day in which I get to stand before an assembly of saints and sinners and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I am telling you, it doesn’t get much better than that.

This morning I am going to continue in our #GospelLife series on Galatians. We have looked at how our #GospelLife must be a result of Gospel faithfulness. Last week we looked at how our #GospelLife tells our Gospel story. This morning I were going to see how our #GospelLife illuminates Gospel Grace. Yes this morning we are going to see if any of you are seeing Grace in your everyday lives. Grace must be present if we are truly living #GospelLives. Grace must be a part of who we are and what we are. Grace is the essence of everything our Christians lives are about. Grace is the air in which we breathe. That’s right if we are living #GospelLives then we are breathing in his grace and breathing out his Praise!

I want you to see Grace this morning. Our text in Galatians is going to show us what Grace looks like. Our text this morning is going to show us how to find grace! Church too many Christians are walking around in this world completely blind to grace. A #GospelLife will see Gospel Grace! I am praying that our God, the one who abundantly pours out his grace, would open your eyes this morning to the powerful, saving, uplifting, life changing, soul redeeming, always amazing Gospel Grace!

If you are interested in visiting a new church and want to check Joy Baptist Church out we would love to have you.

Prayer—9:00 AM Sunday School—9:30 AM Worship—10:45 AM


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