The Gospel Life 04

Good Morning Church,

Well today is Sunday and once again many of you are deciding if church is going to be on the agenda this morning. You have a few options available to you. The weather is going to be great… you could get your golf gear on and head to the golf course. At 8:30 there is special NFL game live from London. You could even decide to stay in and not do anything because you have had a long week and this is the only day you can relax. I get it! Sunday is your-day!

How about you ask yourself this question as you contemplate whether or not you are going to church this morning… “Are you living the Gospel Life?” If you are a born again, bible believing, Jesus exalting, and God loving Christian then you had better be able to answer this question. A negative answer should compel you to find a bible believing, Jesus exalting, and God loving church this morning. A negative answer should compel you to find out what the Gospel Life is all about and why you are missing out on it. A negative answer should bring you to conviction and march you straight back to the cross where you can find grace and repentance.

A positive answer should quickly move you from questioning Church attendance to getting dressed and ready for church. A positive answer should move you to prayer asking God to protect the service this morning and that God would give your pastor the strength to boldly proclaim the Gospel. A positive answer should move you to get to that church where you love to worship fully expecting to experience the manifest presence of God this morning. Either way… negative or positive… The Holy Spirit is bringing conviction to all of us who claim Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

If you do not know Jesus then perhaps the Holy Spirit is moving you to go to church this morning so that you can hear the unashamed proclamation of the Gospel; letting it penetrate your dark heart and bringing redemption as you finally cry out to Jesus to save you. If you are interested in hearing more then I invite you to visit with us this morning at Joy Baptist Church. I am preaching my fourth sermon out of Galatians called the Gospel Life. This morning we are going to specifically examine our Gospel March. We would love for you to stop by. Just do it! #GospelLife

Prayer—9:00 AM Sunday School – 9:30 AM Worship – 10:45 AM


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