#GospelLife 05

Good Morning Church

I am so excited about preaching this morning because we are continuing our #GospelLife sermon series through the book of Galatians. This morning we are going to specifically look at how God provides his Gospel Blessing. Everyone loves to be blessed. We talk about it all the time. We say “God Bless you” and we seek constantly the blessings of God.

Sometimes we can get caught up in this “blessing seeking” and make it all about us and our own selfish gain. The Blessings of God should never be about us and we should only expect blessings if we are being empowered by the Holy Spirit to live this Gospel Life. These Gospel Blessings come through the outpouring of the Spirit’s work in our lives. The Holy Spirit is being poured out upon our Gospel lives in order for us to see the Gospel advanced in this dark and depraved world.

I want us to be blessed. I want to be a part of a blessed church. I want you and your families to be blessed! Blessings are great because anything that is “good” comes from above. However, we need a correct perspective when it comes to Gospel Blessing. The most glorious, miraculous Gospel Blessing ever to bestowed upon humanity is the promised blessing of Abraham. Galatians 3:9 proclaims “So then, those who are of faith are blessed along with Abraham, the man of faith.” This blessing can only come through the work and power of God’s Spirit actively empowering our Gospel Lives!

This morning we are going to examine the text of Galatians 3:1-9. This text provides some of the harshest language used by the Apostle Paul in his rebuke of those Galatian believers who were about to miss out on the Gospel Blessing by allowing the enemy to convince them of a false gospel. This tragic lie had corrupted them and was rendering their #GospelLife impotent. Paul doesn’t refrain from using some very bold language to speak of their foolishness. They were missing the Holy Spirit’s amazing power! The Holy Spirit pours his power out upon us so that we can indeed partake in this Gospel Blessing and we should be actively allowing the Holy Spirit to work in our lives. That is what the text is about this morning.

Today is going to be an awesome day. First up Church… secondly a wonderful lunch fellowship, and then finally, our annual Fall Festival! I CANT WAIT!

You don’t want to miss today!

Prayer—9:00 AM Sunday School—9:30 AM Worship—10:45 AM


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