Gospel Life 08

Good Morning Church,

I am writing this morning with some really crazy feelings. I have been fighting a great battle this week with my mind and the enemy who has been trying to convince me that God is not enough. Some of you may not know, so let me briefly explain what is going on. Over the last couple of months I have been going through a series of tests with the doctor to determine why my blood tests have been abnormal concerning my liver. I have been referred to a specialist and he ordered some very specific blood test to see if he couldn’t figure out what is going on. I got those results back this past Monday. It is very likely that I am dealing with some sort of liver disease. The doctor wants to seek some sort of confirmation so I have been scheduled a liver biopsy on Tuesday morning.

All this has been somewhat overwhelming this week. I am not a guy who has ever experienced any sort of anxiety or nervousness. I am a guy with a very strong faith and trust in my Awesome God who is my Good Good Father! However, over the past 6 days I have been overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. It has not been easy trying to figure out how to deal with these sorts of feelings and emotions making myself sick in the process. All of this has brought me to the conclusion that Satan would love nothing more than to keep me scared! Satan would love for me to buckle under the pressure of uncertainty! Satan would love for me to drown in unbelief! There is only one answer for that and that is the amazing power of an almighty God.

You see church, I know in whom I have believed! I know that my God is for me not against me! I know that there is truly Freedom from all of the enemy’s attacks and schemes! I must trust in God! I must rely upon his promises and I must be focused in my prayers! I know that my flesh is against me in more ways than one. My flesh, physically, has been compromised because of sin. My flesh, spiritually, is contrary to the Spirit that lives in me! Only where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom and I must truly seek this freedom through God’s word if I am ever going to be able to deal with these terrible attacks by the enemy who is seeking to kill, steel, and destroy!

I want to live the #GospelLife in everything that I do. I want the #GospelLife to shine through every mountain and valley! I want to the #GospelLife to be my legacy! So this morning as we continue through our sermon series on the #GospelLife, Galatians chapter four concludes with some very interesting and encouraging words from the Apostle Paul to his beloved Galatian believers. I want you to know church in these few words this morning I have found great comfort! My Gospel Freedom is all about relying on divine initiative, rejoicing in God’s power, and rooting out whatever might enslave me!

I am trusting God this morning and I am truly FREE! That is liberating. Yes I am still fighting against the enemy and these crazy thoughts that are constantly bombarding my brain. But I am trusting God! Only when I trust him can I find peace!

We would love to see you this morning.


Prayer—9:00AM Sunday School –9:30AM Worship –10:45AM

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