Gospel Life 10

Good Morning Church,

Today is the first Sunday of December 2016. I tell you what, I don’t know about you, but 2016 seems to have flown by! Here we are looking at the coming celebration of the birth of Christ preparing ourselves for a brand new year. Time stops for no one! It keeps on marching!


Over the past several weeks I have been thinking about time a lot. It has sometimes even penetrated my mind in an unhealthy way. This march forward in time is marching somewhere. I must not be focused on time running out but on where time is marching. You see church, as we look to the birth of Christ we need to realize why he was born? He was born because time is marching to its inevitable conclusion. That conclusion is the culmination of time. It will be the day when Jesus returns as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Time has no place in eternity. Eternity is real for every human. Time is marching to one of two places in eternity. One eternity is completely absent of Jesus where torment lasts forever. The other eternity is overwhelmed by the presence of Christ where joy abounds forever. Time keeps marching and there is nothing you can do to stop that march.

So the question we should be asking ourselves when time finally finishes its march in our lives… Where will you spend eternity? This is why Jesus was born! He was born because he wants you to know that you can spend eternity with him where joy abounds forever! He wants you to know that he left all the riches heaven had to offer to be born in poverty in a lowly manger. He lived a sinless life so that he could be the only one qualified to be an all-sufficient savior! He was hung on a cross so that he could be the propitiation of your sins so that you could have the opportunity to avoid eternal torment. He was buried and raised again conquering death so that you can live with him forever. He sets now on his throne in heaven at the right hand of God our Father making his enemies a footstool preparing for the day of his return! Time keeps on marching! He did all these things so that you could be given the chance to be redeemed and not be a victim to time’s inevitable conclusion!

This morning we are going to look at Galatians chapter 5 and see our Gospel Sufficiency. I want you to know church that Jesus died so that we can be saved. He gave us his Spirit so that we can have the power to overcome the world! As time keeps marching God has given us himself in His Spirit to empower us to withstand the contrary nature of our flesh! Time keeps marching but for the redeemed we march in complete confidence that the Spirit is sufficient to carry us through to the appointed day!

We would love for you to come and visit with us this morning at Joy Baptist Church. Come and hear the inspired Word of God feeding our spiritual souls!

Prayer—9:00 AM Sunday School—9:30 AM Worship—10:45 AM


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