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Good Morning Church……

What I wonderful day to be alive! I am so excited about preaching this morning that I can’t hardly contain myself. You see this morning we are going to slay one of the most dangerous, low-down, conniving, cruel, and evil Giants – Worry! This giant has infiltrated every human being in one way or another and to some people this Giant has completely taken over to such an extent that people are literally losing their minds!

I want you to know this morning that I am not usually a worrier. God has truly blessed me over the years that when this Giant rears his ugly head I usually remember the provision of my Father in Heaven and send this Giant along his way with his tail between his legs. However, our great enemy Satan, has a way about him. He waits even for the strong in faith to be hit with something completely unexpected and life-changing and then he sends the Giant of Worry with guns a blazing! This has happened to me just recently and I want you to know church it was a great battle to kill this giant!

This morning there are some of you out there reading this blog and are facing off against this Giant of Worry right now! This Giant has you under his foot pressing down upon your throat squeezing out your will to live! I am praying, I am even begging that as you read these words that you would be motivated to come and visit with us this morning at Joy Baptist Church. We are going to open the powerful Word of God and look at the great encouragement of Jesus and grab a hold of the tools necessary to kill this Giant right where he stands!

You do not have to waste away in your Worry! Look Up; Pray Up; Stand Up; and Don’t Give Up! Jesus is our Warrior King who will provide your every need! He is the Sustainer God who cares so deeply for you that he will never leave nor forsake you! Be a Giant Killer today!


Prayer—9:00AM Sunday School—9:30AM Worship—10:45AM

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