Giant Killer _ 05

Good Morning Church,

This morning we continue our series on becoming Giant Killers. We slay a particularly crafty giant this morning because this giant is often times sent into our lives as a means to turn us to God. As a matter of fact when we think about it, all of these Giants in our lives should do that very thing… Turn us to God! But this giant… this giant of Guilt can be used in the most glorious ways by God. When guilt comes crashing into our lives we can destroy it just by turning to God. Guilt can be used by the Holy Spirit as the divine conviction of our sin. When we are convicted of our sin we can then surrender it to the only one who can take it away… our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We have a problem with this though. Because today we have no true concept of what sin is. You see Satan is very content to keep this giant at home. When the people of God have lost all concept of sin then this Giant has nothing to do. He stays at home with his feet kicked up taking pleasure in all the other Giants doing such great harm. Our culture has nearly eradicated even the idea of sin. The Giant of Guilt is most powerful when we have been convicted of our wrong doing. It amazes me, in today’s culture, this Giant is basically on sabbatical! No one feels guilty about anything.

This is a great and terrible tragedy. The only way David was able to heal and overcome his great trouble was to acknowledge his sin and repent! Church I am telling you this morning that sin is real. Sin is powerful, and sin will destroy you even if you don’t believe it is “sin.” Yes we are going to kill the giant of Guilt this morning because sometimes we are overwhelmed by guilt because of our sin. But unless we realize we have sinned then this giant of Guilt just sits back and watches us destroy ourselves.

Once we are convicted of Sin then this Giant of Guilt is activated. King David gives us a great biblical example on how Guilt works but also how to destroy guilt in our repentance and turn back to God experiencing the Joy of our Salvation.

I hope you can join us this morning. If you are looking for a place to worship then I am personally inviting you to visit with us at Joy Baptist Church this morning at 10:45… I will meet you at the front door. You will truly be blessed! You may be reading these words right now wondering if you will come… JUST DO IT! What is the worst thing that could happen? You may even be convicted and become a Giant Killer this morning.


Prayer— 9:00AM Sunday School—9:30AM


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