Giant Killer _ 06

Good Morning Church

This morning is going to be a tough sermon to preach because so many of us struggle with this Giant in our lives. This morning we are going to kill the Giant of Anger. Having just gone over my sermon again I am struck with a terrible foreboding. You see preachers look at certain things in God’s Word and think to themselves as they cry out to God… “OH God, they are never going to get this! Father if they could just understand this one principle, this one thing about anger then their lives would be so different. But God it’s like preaching to a brick wall.”

God is always faithful and speaking to my heart this morning he simply reminded me that his Word will not return void. It is my duty to proclaim the Word of God this morning. I am praying for you church because I know so many of you are dealing with this Giant of Anger and it is ruining your life. Because of your anger no one wants to be around you. You are having trouble at work, you are fighting with your spouse, and you are being harsh to your kids. Your anger manifest in every aspect of your life. There is no escape from it and it has made you a very unpleasant person. Yet God IS FAITHFUL!

There is hope! God knows our struggles and he has offered us a solution. It is not easy! It requires a great deal of faith and hard work. But God’s word is true and when we put certain things into practice God can remove our anger and literally make us into the wonderful God loving people we know we can be. I am not preaching on something new. I am not preaching some sort of new revelation. I am going to preach this morning on the greatness of God and how through his greatness you do not have to let your anger ruin your life.

I am praying so fervently this morning because I personally have had to slay this Giant many times in my life. I have family members that I love with all my heart and I am overwhelmed by grief because I see this Giant destroying their lives. I know many of you are constantly being kicked in the throat by this Giant and you need some relief! I am calling you to the cross this morning. I am calling you to the strength and power of God’s word! I am calling you to get on your knees and repent because living your life in anger is sin and you need to repent of that. I am calling you to strengthen yourself in the truth and knowledge of God’s word and be ready in season and out of season to stand firm against this Giant and kill him every time he jumps into your life.

I know some of you will miss this morning because Satan will do whatever he can to keep you in bondage. I implore you do whatever it takes to be at church this morning because we are going to slay one big nasty giant!


Prayer – 9:00AM Sunday School – 9:30AM Worship – 10:45AM

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