Giant Killer _ 09

Good Morning Church,

I am sitting here this morning at 6:30 AM wondering why it feels early and then I realize that it is really 5:30 AM and my cell phone had done its job in setting the time forward. Well Praise God I am hoping that everyone has set their time forward so that they do not miss this sermon this morning.

We slay the last giant in our series today and this giant really doesn’t want us to bring any attention to himself because he loves his anonymity. This morning we are going to kill the giant of Failure as we close out this Giant Killer sermon series. Failure likes to hide in the deep recesses of the darkness because he uses the reality of a fallen world against us. He knows that failure in itself is something that God uses to mold and direct us into the vessels of his creation. Failure is a simple part of life that everyone faces. Failure comes into our lives as children and we begin to learn either to let this giant come out of the shadows and convince us that we are the failure or we allow God to use the failure in our lives to make us better.

This giant wants you to believe that you are worthless. This giant wants you to believe that you will never succeed in anything. This giant convinces you that it doesn’t even make a difference so why even try! This giant gets in your brain and begins to speak lies that you believe and you no longer can face reality. This is how this giant works. We need to understand the truth of Scripture this morning church! We need to look at God’s Word and realize that failure is not the end of something but the beginning of greatness in what God is doing. God loved us so much that in spite of us being cracked vessels he still put his treasure inside of us so that we can share the light of his Gospel!

Come this morning church and let us slay this Giant of Failure! Don’t let it be a hindrance any longer. Stand on the battlefield with your sling and stones and be free from its tyranny!


Prayer—9:00AM Sunday School—9:30AM Worship—10:45AM

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