Good Morning Church,

This morning I am starting a new sermon series leading into Resurrection Sunday. It is fittingly called RISE. We are going to look at four theological concepts regarding the Resurrection. As a pastor I have always found it difficult to find something that is uniquely interesting to preach every year at Easter. I mean how many times can someone hear the same ole Easter sermon? Well to be quite honest the answer to that is – infinite amount of times! Because the same ole Easter Sermon is the powerful testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! And Gospel of Jesus Christ can never get old!

However, it is incumbent upon myself to make sure that I have done the proper study and diligent prayer leading into this time of year because Easter will in fact be the greatest opportunity for me to proclaim the Gospel within the walls of our little country church. So I am beginning this morning the “R” in RISE and we are going to look at some very interesting theological principles regarding the resurrection. By the time we close out on Easter you will have learned the purpose, reason, and mission of the Resurrection! Jesus Christ is Risen and therefore today we can be Reconciled!

Yes this morning we are looking at Reconciliation! Jesus was born, died, and rose again so that we can be reconciled to him! God has always been in the reconciliation business! Imagine just for a moment… now take a moment because this going to blow your mind. Way back before time began. Eons of eternity past the God of the universe had a thought of us! Creating us was a thought born in the heart of God and in that moment he decided he would create us he also decided he would die for us because he knew that we would have to be reconciled to him! Now do you have that? Think about it…. Now listen…. Even still… Knowing that when he created us he would have to reconcile us, and the only way that would be possible would be for him to do the unimaginable… God would have to die for us. Even still… HE STILL CREATED US!

So this reconciliation is a part of his divine plan and purpose. We have been redeemed by a living savior who has taken our place upon the cross as the propitiation of our sins and three days later rose again! Today will you be reconciled? We are looking this morning at reconciliation and its three key points. The text will show us this morning that we have a Ministry of Reconciliation, a Message of Reconciliation, and a Messenger of Reconciliation. You still have time to come this morning to Joy Baptist Church. We would love to have you and I promise you will love being there!


Prayer—9:00AM Sunday School – 9:30AM Worship—10:45AM

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