I came outside this morning to sit and drink my coffee and contemplate that first Resurrection Sunday. I think about what those disciples were experiencing and I am Amazed over the heart ache and grief but more than that I am amazed over how they seemed to have been already moving on without Him. I mean yes Friday was tragic. Most of them ran and hid. Only a few were there at the end. Joseph got permission to bury Jesus but it was the Sabbath and they couldn't have a proper funeral. So there they were all sitting around on Saturday... I have been to more funerals then I would like to count. Most of them all go thru some of the same motions. Perhaps these disciples were sitting around planning a proper funeral.... The ladies figuring out how they would come across the spices and oils to anoint his body because this was Jewish custom. Maybe they sat around reminiscing about the "good ole days." I'm sure the shed some tears in the process. But did any of them remember what he said? Did anyone recall that Jesus said he would rise again on the third day and that today was the day? Where was the great expectation? Where was the great anticipation? I would think maybe the beloved disciple John would be running around waking everyone up "Today is the day! Wake up today he is risen!" But this is not what happened. The ladies went to the grave that morning with spices and oils. Looking for a dead master. But Praise God he was not there! He is Risen!

This morning I remember those that were closest to Jesus, who saw him, touched him, listened to him, witnessed him and they still couldn't bring themselves to believe everything that Jesus told them. Don't be so harsh on them because we are the same way. We struggle with unbelief and doubt. We struggle with disobedience and little faith. Maybe you are waking up this Resurrection Sunday and you are struggling just like those disciples and you just really need a savior this morning. Let me loudly proclaim that HE IS RISEN! Come and join us this morning at JBC as we celebrate a Risen Savior! I promise you will be blessed. 10:45 we will have one service. Come early. We will have plenty of room. Upstairs and downstairs. We will worship, hear a message, have a great lunch fellowship afterwards as we enjoy supernatural community on this wonderful Resurrection Sunday. Come and see us!

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