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Good morning Church,

Today we start a new sermon series Gospel Family. Praying about this sermon this morning I realized how quickly time flies. Preparing for this sermon I have been thinking back on my family and how well I did in regards to managing a Gospel Family. I look at both my adult sons. They are both married now and my oldest has given us the blessing of two grandchildren. I am so extremely blessed, yet I am full of regret at the same time.

I look back over how I raised my sons and wonder what I could have done different in their lives to make them more aware of the wonderful nature of God. His beautiful precepts that come from his Word that gives us the promises he has planned for us. I wonder if I did enough to show them how this Gospel Family works. I have made my mistakes along the way I assure you. I wish I could have been a better Gospel Dad and Gospel Husband. I can honestly say that I have done my very best and both my sons have confessed Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I can say that ultimately that was a successful mission.

I think living in this Gospel Family has been the greatest challenge of my entire life and I continue to challenge myself as the patriarch of my family still impacting my adult children and providing a solid Christian example for my grandchildren. When it is all said and done and stand before my father in heaven, I am confident he will welcome me with open arms inviting me into his kingdom saying “well done good and faithful servant.” Which really brings me to my point this morning…

This Gospel Family is a picture of our relationship in the family of God! What it all boils down to church is God’s plan for his children. He created the family so that we can better understand his desire for a relationship with us. So when I begin preaching this morning I want everyone to know that we will deal specifically and contextually within the confines of the family unit, but more importantly, we will address our standing within the “body of Christ!”

I can’t wait to get started! God is a wonderful and gracious Father and we are his Gospel Children. We owe him our obedience and honor! Please join us this morning at Joy Baptist Church as we dive into God’s Word and begin to unpack Ephesians 6:1-3. We would love to visit with you. So if you don’t have a home church or looking for a place to worship come and join us.


Prayer—9:00 AM Sunday School—9:30 AM Worship—10:45 AM

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