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Good Morning Church and Happy Mother’s Day

This morning we finish the series on the Gospel Family. Three messages leading into this last one on Mother’s day! Yes you guessed it today I am preaching on Gospel Wives/Moms!

I am reminded this morning of a Mother’s devotion! I am reminded this morning of a Mother’s love. I am reminded this morning of a Mother’s correction. All of these things makes me really happy!

I am happy because of the Mother’s that I have in my life. I have four mother’s in my life… one day I am sure I will have a fifth mother. My first-mom, she is the first lady I ever loved! She is the one who gave me life and loved me flaws and all! I find it amazing that she had enough love in her heart to love three boys and raise them the best way she knew how. I rise and called her blessed today! I love you mom.

The 2-mom is the best thing that ever happened to me. She has been my help-mate, best-friend, wife, and the mother of my children for over 25 years! She is the greatest mom! She took two boys and raised them to be godly men and taught them what it meant to love Jesus! She wasn’t perfect but that is what makes her so special. She is the anchor in my life that keeps me from being wrecked by the storms of my life. I love you Marilyn and I rise and called you blessed!

The 3-mom is the one who came into my life attached to my wife! She is the mother-in-law that I had to learn to love. But when you spend 25+ years trying to learn to love someone you begin to figure out it’s not about trying to love her but about actually loving her. We don’t always get along but I know she has my back and I will always have hers! Jolene I love you and I rise and called you blessed!

Finally the 4-mom. Amanda is the mother of my sweet little grandchildren and I want you to know she is a warrior! She is such a great mom who loves the Lord Jesus Christ and she carefully and methodically teaches her children in the ways of the Lord! She is a strong and courageous mom and I love you DIL. Today I rise and call you blessed!

My (one day) 5-mom is not a mother yet… But I know Kaitlyn one day you will be a great mother and I pray for you daily looking forward to the hour I can rise and called you blessed because I know you will make a wonderful mom!

Today is about Mother’s but there is a paradigm we need to address and it is clearly given in Ephesians chapter five. In order to be a Gospel Mom, ladies, you must first know what it means to be a Gospel Wife! This is a wonderful blessing and we should pay careful attention to the pattern that God has laid out before us!

If you don’t have any plans for church this morning I would love for you to come visit us at Joy Baptist Church.


Prayer—9:00AM Sunday School—9:30AM Worship—10:45AM

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