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Good Morning Church,

I am so excited this morning to start this new sermon series on the Gospel Church – Building a New Testament church. Everywhere we look in our country today we see the stripping away of our church life. Over and over again our churches are becoming less important even to born-again believers and that my friends is an extreme paradox because the bible is clear when it comes to Christians and their relationship to church. So this morning we go back to the Bible and we are going to look right at the very beginning of this Gospel Church and examine what God says the New Testament church should look like.

It bothers me, not just because I am a preacher and it is my job to want people to come to church, no it bothers me greatly when Christians consider church as something secondary in their in lives when the Bible clearly shows that the church was the most important aspect of a believer’s life in the New Testament church. Church in the New Testament wasn’t optional, Praise God, it was a way of life. No one woke up on a Sunday morning enjoying their coffee and contemplating whether or not they should go to church or make sure the kids get to their select baseball games. No in the NT church a select baseball league on Sunday wouldn’t have even been considered.

Now listen to me church, because I know people that I love dearly and deeply care about that have children in all sort of activities that take them away from Church. This sermon series is not just about them. This sermon series is about all of us returning to the Bible and examining the blueprint of God’s Church! We can stop constantly trying to invent new ways of doing church and trying to figure out how to keep up with this demanding society and culture. All we need to do is look at the pattern God has already established. It is clearly established and given to us so that we can build our churches accordingly.

Yes times change and our world is surely different from that of the New Testament. But people don’t change. We all need Jesus! We all need to let others know about Jesus! We all need each other in Jesus! This is what the Gospel Church is all about! Methodology may change but the Word of God last forever. We need to always examine our lives in the mirror of God’s Word and that surely includes our Church and how we do Church.

I hope you will join us this morning as we begin with Clear Devotion. A Gospel Church has clear devotion. Please join us!


Prayer: 9:00AM Sunday School: 9:30AM Worship: 10:45AM

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