Gospel Church 02_Constant Activity

Good Morning Church,

This morning we continue in our Gospel Church – Building a New Testament Church series with Constant Activity. The Acts testimony clearly shows us that this New Testament (NT) church was not only clearly devoted but also engaged in constant activity. This kind of activity was the kind of activity that produce “awe.” This comes from the Greek word phobos which of course is often times translated “fear” and where we get our English word “phobia.” It really, in this particular situation, means a great sense of wonderment and could produce fear because most people didn’t understand it. But those who were participating in the activity of this NT church were overwhelmed with “awe” because they knew it was by the power of Holy Spirit that these things were happening.

Which makes me wonder about today’s church. I mean think about it for a second. When was the last time you experienced “awe” in your church? When we look around at these so called New Testament bible believing churches today… do we see a sense of amazement that overwhelms us to our core? So much so that we are in complete “AWE?” We are missing this in our churches and because of that we are missing out on the power and greatness of God that moves his Church to be great Gospel centered churches! What we saw in this NT church was a Clear Devotion with Constant Activity! We will see this morning that our text gives us three particular key elements regarding this constant activity. This is what made this NT church change the world!

I am a student of history. I want you to know something that no other group of people in the entire history of humanity has made a greater impact on mankind then this little ragtag group of Jews in Jerusalem that was so overcome by the Spirit of God that it produced “awe” amongst them! It was through this little group that God sent to the world his great message of the Gospel! It was through this constant activity of this NT church that the Gospel has been advanced! Three key principles that we should notice about this activity. It was an Empowered activity; it was an Engaged activity; and it was an Ecstatic activity.

I hope you would want to know more and you can as we open our Bibles this morning at Joy Baptist Church. We would love to see you there!


Prayer—9:00AM Sunday School—9:30AM Worship—10:45AM

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