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Good Morning Church,

Today is a day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it! I love Sunday Mornings! It is my favorite morning of the week because I get to get up and proclaim the Gospel from the pulpit at Joy Baptist Church. This morning I am going to preach the last sermon in our Gospel Church series Building a New Testament Church.

Over the last several weeks we have examined Acts 2:42-47. We have so far seen three foundational principles of this infant New Testament Church. They were clearly devoted, constantly active, completely united, and this morning we are going to see how they were in continuous worship! Yes praise God! They were a church where worship was constantly and continuously upon their lips!

Over the last several years I have been really examining our church and researching other churches asking myself this one question “Why are they here?” Churches of all sizes, large and small, every week on Sunday morning will have people wondering their halls. Why are they here? They are having conversations. Perhaps they are catching up on the week’s activities. They are going to Sunday School… they are having meetings… they are doing some last minute praise and worship practice. What is their purpose for being at church? In any of those conversations, is there any mention of the great anticipation of meeting with the almighty manifest presence of God? Or are they more concerned about what is happening tomorrow night at some particular group event?

You see church, this Gospel Church in Acts 2 was not so concerned about who was in charge of making sure the coffee gets turned on this morning but they were completely sold-out to experiencing God in their worship! They were always worshipping! They had hearts of worship wherever they went! They were not afraid or ashamed of what people may say about them… they just devoted themselves to worship because they knew when God showed up in their worship amazing and supernatural things occurred!

This is what a New Testament church looked like. This is what all churches should look like. As you come to church this morning… ask yourself… “Why am I here?”


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