GOSPEL -- Make the GOSPEL Famous

Hello Church,

So many things are happening in our church these days. I can truly say that over the last 11 years I don’t think we have ever been in a better position to go forward and really impact our community for the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It seems to me that as God continues to bring in new people to our church; as we see new converts and spiritual growth, God is ready to do something truly extraordinary! Over the last two years I have been very specific about Gospel centered ministry. God has given me a renewed passion for the Gospel and an extreme burden to see the lost in our communities saved! Everything I have done from preaching, teaching, discipleship, and ministry has been directed by one single purpose—Gospel Advancement!

This is what the next six weeks is all about. Dr. John Meador, senior pastor at First Baptist Euless, many years ago went through a very similar awakening. In this renewed spirit John created a new ministry where the GOSPEL is FIRST! He established this “CanWeTalk” ministry in his church with the mission of traveling across the many communities within the ministry of FBC Euless with the sole purpose of having GOSPEL conversations. This has literally changed the church. He has sense worked very hard getting this evangelistic outreach into as many churches as they possibly can.

This GOSPEL we have been given is a great treasure that should be shared to all the nations. It is built upon the fact God desires to see all of us be saved. Over the next six weeks I am going to share with you the theological foundations upon which the GOSPEL is built. We are going to build our “soteriology” based firmly upon the Word of God. Soteriology is simply the doctrine of salvation. Our salvation is so important that we need to understand not only so that we can be radically saved but also so that we can go and proclaim it to the world!

John Meador gave us the acrostic – GOSPEL: God’s character, Offense of sin, Sufficiency of Christ, Personal response, Eternal urgency, Life transformation. These soteriological concepts will give us the needed knowledge to address our own salvation and to also have confidence in sharing the Gospel. John says it so well “Let’s make the Gospel famous!”

I hope you will join us starting this Sunday June 25, 2017 at 10:45. We are going to move forward as a church with the GOSPEL as our number one priority in everything we do. We will in the fall begin our own CanWeTalk campaign as we take these principles to our own communities with the sole purpose to have gospel conversations. #canwetalk #oneconversation #cantwait


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