Good morning Church,

I hope that your week has been blessed! We have had a wonderful week here at Joy Baptist Church. We just finished up #jbcvbs2017 where the Gospel of Jesus Christ was proclaimed into the hearts of children and seven children were saved as a result! Glory be to God! Amen! Again I say AMEN! It was truly amazing to watch revival break out in story time as group after group rotated through and each time as the Gospel was proclaimed children were being convicted of their sin and accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! It never gets old!

Yet every year we face the same issue about VBS. “Oh man here we go again! Let’s just get it done it’s going to be so hard!” “I hope we can get enough help.” “I wonder where everyone is at?” “I don’t know why we keep doing this?” Now these are typical questions because getting geared up for VBS is a big deal especially for a church our size. Yet we have such great people in our church who get fired up, geared up, and prayed up every year because it is our biggest evangelistic outreach of the year! We know without a doubt we are going to have any number of kids who come through our VBS who do not know Jesus. It is our number one objective to make sure these children hear the everlasting good news of Salvation.

Yet, I am asking myself a question this morning as I rejoice over how wonderful VBS was but also what God wants to ultimately accomplish at our church. Is our zeal for the Gospel year round or just specifically for VBS? You see our evangelistic fervor should be just as passionate every other day of the year! We should be fired up about the Gospel in everything we do at our church! It just shouldn’t be something relegated to VBS. If VBS is the only time we are sharing the Gospel at church then we are missing the point! The Gospel should be the number one priority within any of our ministries and anything we do as a church should be born out of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In Matthew chapter nine Jesus was traveling through the towns and villages and saw how desperately they needed the Gospel. He turned to his disciples and said “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” (Matt. 9:37-38) Oh GOD! Please forgive me for not starting with this prayer! Listen church, the harvest is plentiful! SO many people in our homes, families, and communities need to hear the Gospel! Yet the laborers are few! Lord God, I pray that Joy Baptist Church would be your training school of Evangelism! Lord God would you raise up laborers right within the very midst of our church so that we can send them into the harvest where your Gospel will save!

Listen carefully church, I am firmly convinced that we need to be those laborers! We need laborers to go into our communities with the wonderful message of Jesus Christ! We need to train these laborers and our church needs to be a soul-winning church! I do not think I can do anything else! I have been praying and praying that God would light a fire way down deep in my soul that would ignite a passion within me to be zealous for the Gospel! It want that same fire to be ignited within our church! So over the next six weeks I am purposefully and deliberately going to share with you the theological principles upon which the Gospel is built! Over these next six weeks we are going to see the wonderful message of the Gospel clearly explained and you will know exactly how important it is in our lives as Christians but that you will also know how to confidently share your faith.

My prayer is that the Holy Spirit would ignite that fire and that it would burn so hot when in September we launch #CanWeTalk our new evangelistic outreach that everyone will want to be a part of it. We will be intentionally training up laborers where we will actually go into the harvest!

Please, I implore you, invite your friends, invite your co-workers, invite the strangers you come across on any given day to come and be a part of this new GOSPEL sermon series! I promise you that when you get through it, your passion and desire for the Gospel will be strong and mighty!


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