Good Morning Church,

This morning I am going to continue in our GOSPEL series. It is my desire to see a passion for the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ from the people here at Joy Baptist Church that burns so brightly that everyone in our circle of influence would be blinded by the light of Christ and that the GOSPEL would be advanced because of our passion to see it proclaimed! As John Meador famously says “let’s make the GOSPEL famous!” It should be the subject most talked about in all of our lives. The GOSPEL is that important and I am praying that by the time I am finished with this series we will have a church full of evangelists who are telling everyone they come into contact with about Jesus.

This acrostic I am preaching through is not mine… Dr. John Meador formed it in an effort to teach the theological concepts that the Gospel is built upon. So far we have examined three of these letters effectively giving the Gospel message by explaining G- God’s Character. God’s character is holy and the second letter explains our reaction to God’s holiness, O- Offense of Sin. We have sinned against the right and perfect holiness of God and therefore his justice necessitates his punishment against our sin which is death. There is nothing we can do to rectify this separation that our sin has produced. Only through S- Sufficiency of Christ can we be saved! Only Jesus did the impossible providing a way back to God through his death and resurrection. This is the Message! But it is an incomplete message without a response. This is the 4th letter P- Personal Response.

The GOSPEL is not just a proclamation but it is also an invitation. Having proclaimed the Gospel without an invitation to respond is like giving someone a parachute to jump out of plane and not explain how the ripcord works. Yes the parachute can save you. It was designed to save you. But if you do not pull the ripcord then the parachute is useless. The GOSPEL is useless unless we respond to it!

One thing that has been really getting at me over this past week as I have prepared this sermon is the lack of response from people who have been presented with the GOSPEL. There are more and more people declining to respond Gospel by just ignoring the message altogether. I am firmly convinced that our silence in our response to the GOSPEL is a response. The thing about being SAVED is that no one can be saved without first being drawn by the Spirit of God… SO if the HOLY SPIRIT is drawing you to GOD and you ignore his invitation you have effectively rejected him in the process. We will respond the Holy Spirit and our response will either be YES to Jesus or it will be our rejection of Jesus.

There is an urgency here that we will address next week. But let me say this… you better not wait! Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Our life is nothing but a vapor… we are here only a moment. So you need to know that the GOSPEL demands a response. Will you say Yes to Jesus? I pray that you will come this morning and hear the greatest message ever given. Not something that I have written but the message of Christ Crucified! Come today and say yes to JESUS!


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