Good Morning Church,

I am so glad to be sitting at my table this morning writing this weekly Sunday blog. I have spent the last week at Southwestern in seminar basically trying to become a better preacher. One thing I have learned over the last week is that I must do everything I can to be better at rightly dividing the Word of God. I stand before a congregation every week with attentive ears, what I great and burdensome responsibility. I do not take it lightly… as I read a quote yesterday that really fits “Pastor preach the gospel! Today may be the first time anyone has ever heard it and today may be the last time anyone will ever hear it!” So I am excited this morning that once again I will stand behind the pulpit with my Bible in hand and boldly proclaim the Word of God!

We have been looking at this acrostic GOSPEL. It is my desire to equip our whole church with the tools necessary to be comfortable in any situation to take any conversation and move it to a GOSPEL conversation. It only takes one conversation to change someone’s life. This is what @canwetalk is all about and this GOSPEL message is all about. This morning we continue with the E—Eternal Urgency.

It’s not going to be an easy sermon by any stretch of the imagination. No one wants to preach on Hell. No one wants to make anyone uncomfortable by preaching on the hard things of the Bible. But if we skip over this tragic reality then we skip over one of the most powerful motivators that spurn lost sinners on to salvation. The simple truth is that HELL exists. It is as real as heaven! Jesus himself was the great Theologian on Hell. Jesus did not leave the warning of hell out of his ministry. Over and over again he warned people of the horrific nature of Hell.

The problem is we live in a generation where culture dictates our theology. This culture wants to remove any sort of information that may cause stress or pain. This culture tells us that we can create our own truth and our truth has no room for a place like hell. I believe this is the greatest lie ever perpetuated by Satan himself. Satan has convinced an entire generation that Hell doesn’t exist. Therefore there is no warning. If there is no warning then there is no reason for repentance. Oh God! Please help us!

This morning I am going to preach on Eternal Urgency. Jesus is coming back! He is coming back as King of Kings and Lord of Lords! At that moment there will be no more chances for redemption. Hell awaits every lost sinner so the urgent matter is the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ.

Let me leave you this morning with this description of Hell’s eternal torment by Jonathan Edwards—“Do but consider how dreadful despair will be in such torment. How dismal will it be, when you are under these racking torments, to know assuredly that you never, never shall be delivered from them; to have no hope; when you shall wish that you might but be turned into nothing, but shall have no hope of it; when you shall wish that you might be turned into a toad or a serpent, but shall have no hope of it; when you would rejoice, if you might but have any relief, after you shall have endured these torments millions of ages, but shall have no hope of it; when after you shall have worn out the age of the sun, moon, and stars, in your dolorous groans and lamentations, without any rest day or night, or one minute’s ease, yet you shall have no hope of ever being delivered: when after you shall have worn out a thousand more such ages, yet you shall have no hope, but shall know that you are not one whit nearer to the end of your torments; but that still there are the same groans, the same shrieks, the same doleful cries, incessantly to be made by you, and that the smoke of your torment shall still ascend up, forever and ever; and that your souls, which shall have been agitated with the wrath of God all this while, yet will still exist to bear more wrath: your bodies, which shall have been burning and roasting all this while in these glowing flames, yet shall not have been consumed, but will remain to roast through an eternity yet, which will not have been at all shortened by what shall have been past. You may by considering make yourselves more sensible than you ordinarily are; but it is a little you can conceive of what it is to have no hope in such torments.”


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