Supernatural Community Loves

Good morning Church,

We start a new series this morning on Supernatural Community. Having looked through the news yesterday I know that the Word of God is the answer and we couldn’t be in a greater place this morning than Joy Baptist Church.

A Supernatural community is a group of people that would not otherwise be together in community if it wasn’t for the power of the Holy Spirit. A Supernatural Community is set a part for the advancement of the Gospel. A Supernatural community is the witness of Christ! What we need in this world is Jesus so that we can be engaged in community with each other under the supernatural power and direction of God!

Yesterday there was a great tragedy in Virginia. It was instigated by one racist group and exasperated by another racist group. The unsurprising result of this gathering was violence and the whole world watches! The church, which is God’s supernatural community, must respond! There is no room in our church for such intolerable bigotry! There is no room in our supernatural community for racism because God sent his son Jesus as the propitiation for all of our sins! ALL includes every tongue, tribe, and nation. A supernatural community is set apart and encompasses all of those who have been saved and there is no requirement of skin color.

This morning it will do us all some good as we look at 1 John 4:7-21 and see that a supernatural community LOVES! LOVE is the answer. I don’t mean this is some sort of 1960’s hippie free love sort of way but in an AGAPE sort of way! LOVE is the single most identifying marker on any supernatural community. A person who does not LOVE doesn’t not know God! A Supernatural Community that does not love is not supernatural!

I am challenging you this morning to make sure you make it to Joy Baptist Church. It is going to be a great service because the heart provoking Word of God will be proclaimed and the Gospel will be heralded! We will see what LOVE does this morning as we lift up the name of JESUS!


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