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Good Morning Church,

I hope this morning finds you in a place where you are sitting in great anticipation of having experienced the glorious manifest presence of God! I am personally inviting you to make sure you make it church this morning where this great anticipation can be a present reality in your life today! It is my prayer that we will at Joy Baptist Church experience God in his full glory this morning.

I am preaching the 4th sermon in the series Supernatural Community. This morning we are going unpack Ephesians 4:7-16. We are going to look at three aspects of service. A Supernatural Community sets itself apart with its selfless service. The Apostle Paul gives us some very clear instruction when it comes to our service.

Have you ever wondered why a church struggles? There are all kinds of reasons why. You can read all the articles you want on “7 reasons why a church struggles” and still really miss what I think is the biggest reason why a church can’t seem to get it right… I would argue that is because it is a church with people who do not serve. Let me explain…

You come to church on Sunday’s to hear a great sermon preached. You sit in your favorite spot. You say hi to all you friends and family that you haven’t seen sense last Sunday. You snuggle in and get real comfortable. You sing loud during worship, you might even raise your hands some. The sermon is great, you even took some notes in your bibles. You pray and even thank God for the invitation and hope that someone even responds but it “is well” with your soul.

Now the church is over… Great because it’s the beginning of football season and you are ready to get home. Monday begins your work week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday… Great the weekend. Saturday is your day. A whole week has gone by and you haven’t even thought about church until Saturday night. And then you repeat all over again on Sunday.

This sort of spiritual life is more common than you think amongst the people of God! This kind of Christianity with no service will always be hollow! It will always be lacking in power and sustenance. A born-again believer has been called to service. A healthy church will be a church full of people who are serving for the advancement of the Gospel. They are serving not for their own benefit but for the glory and praise of Christ! They are serving because God has called them to do the “’work of the ministry.”

I have two questions this morning. 1) Are we a Supernatural Community that serves? 2) Are you serving? If enough people say “yes” to the second question then the first question will always follow with an affirmative.

I hope you can join us this morning! Focus groups at 9:30 and worship at 10:45


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