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Good Morning Church,

Sitting here this morning just putting on the final touches of my sermon and I am reminded how hopeful I am and how amazing it is going to be on THAT DAY when Jesus returns. So many things going on in the world today. Earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, wars and rumors of wars… this list goes on and on and all of them biblical warnings to be prepared for the return of Christ.

We shouldn’t look past these warnings. We shouldn’t ignore them. These things that are going on have always gone sense the ascension of Christ. He warns us that in these final days these things will increase. I am by no means an eschatological scholar… but there is one thing I can tell you… Jesus is coming back! Today is one day closer to his return than yesterday. So as we look at these crazy things happening all across our world let us be reminded of why Jesus gave us these warnings…

Repent of your sins and be saved! As we go and help with disaster relief let us remember that the greatest need is Jesus! As we get up this morning and look at the news to see what Irma has done and pray for those people that are in its path, let us remember that our prayers should include a prayer that people would be saved as a direct response to this hurricane.

Let us give because we want to see the Gospel advanced. Jesus coming back. When he returns the time for repentance will be over. He will return for his bride and he will make all things new. Those who are dead in Christ will be raised to meet him and we will be gathered together as he speaks the total destruction of his enemies. He will place his enemies beneath his feet as a footstool and he will make everything new.

So my prayers this morning are that when I preach my final sermon on Supernatural Community we would recognize at Joy Baptist Church that our giving is proof that our love is genuine. We know our love is genuine because we give and those gifts are being used for the ministry of the Gospel! Why? Because Jesus is coming back! We are running out of time! We should anticipate his return with a great happiness and joy and it should also create in us a great urgency to see lost sinners saved!


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