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Good Morning Church,

So many things I would like to say this morning. I want to remind you that today is a long day. Our church has so many things that God has put before us and today we are going to try to make sure we are all on the same page. Don’t forget we have a couple of meetings scheduled right after church. Later this evening we have a leadership conference followed by a combined life group. So much going on because God has some great things in store for us as we move forward in an all-out effort to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yes, all those things are happening today, but don’t forget the most important thing happening today… WORSHIP! Yes, today is the Lord’s Day! Today is the day where as a church we will come together in corporate worship with one purpose. That one purpose is to experience the glorious manifest presence of an almighty God! AMEN! We are going to gather this morning in prayer and study. We are going to open the Word of God and proclaim his wonderful name. We are going to stand and lift up our praises to him in glorious exaltation. Finally, we are going to hear the Gospel proclaimed so that lost sinners can be saved. This is the Lord’s Day and we should be ready to honor him in it!

As you come to church this morning remember that God has called you to be set apart from the culture. He has called the church to be countercultural. I am going to preach the second sermon in the series Counter Culture: God’s call to holiness in an unholy world. This morning we are going to look at Holiness and abortion. It has been a wonderful week putting together this sermon. It has been a challenge because it seems like a topical sermon where I have chosen a topic and then frantically search for the text to support my topic. This is not the kind of preacher I am. I am a text-driven preacher that examines the Scripture and lets the text preach. The struggle has been to make sure that I stay true to expository bible preaching at the same time addressing some of these cultural issues that need to be addressed. I believe that you will see that although this seems like a topical sermon it is very much an expository, text driven sermon where the Bible is emphatically clear that LIFE matters and we must stand countercultural to abortion.

Abortion is sin. It is the murder of the unborn. The Bible is clear and the Church needs to repent because it has been absent in this fight. Life is precious because God is the creator of all life. We must define life correctly. Our lives began with a thought in God’s mind before he ever spoke creation into existence. We must love Life because God knew us before we were even born. How can we allow the murder of the unborn who cannot speak for themselves? Who will be the unborn’s advocate? Who will stand up for Life? The church must stand against the culture and make this right!

I hope you can join us this morning!


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