Good Morning Church,

Typically, on Sunday mornings I write a blog about the sermon I am about to preach. But this morning I can’t help myself. I am so blessed to be the pastor of a church who catches the vision and walks out on faith.

Last month I got with our men and I told them, “we have to do something. We are running out of room and if we don’t do something about it then we are going to lose momentum and miss out on Kingdom work.” Our Wednesday night JBC Connects service has become so popular that we literally have no room to put our adults. This needed to be rectified. Biggest problem of course is that we have no money. As a church we just adopted a brand-new budget where we saw a nearly 18% cut. How in the world were we going to fix this problem?

Go to the Father and trust in His provision! That is how we fix it! So, our men came up with a solution. Determined how it was going to happen and began to #DOWORK! What you see here is the work that has taken place so far. We have lots more still yet to accomplish. But Praise GOD, our Father in Heaven is always faithful!

A project with an estimated budget of 15000.00. We began to see what God would do. Starting out with nothing in a little over 4 weeks we have already raised over 6,000.00 for this building and God continues to provide! I want you to know Church this is what Gospel work is all about!

We are not finished! We still need you to keep giving sacrificially! Next week we should see some steel going up so that we can frame it in. It is our desire to see it in the dry by October 22nd. MEN please tell your families and wives and loved ones that over the next several Saturday’s your presence will be needed here to keep this project moving. Let’s get this done for the Glory of God and the advancement of his Gospel!



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