Counter Culture_05

Good morning Church,

I hope that you have had a great week. I pray for you this morning that God would bless you and your family as you get ready to come to church. This morning we finish up the series Counter Culture – God’s call to holiness in an unholy World. We are going to unpack Galatians 3:26-4:11. This particular text gives us some great insight on a great and destructive hatred that is plaguing our culture.

Everywhere we look, it seems, that the racial divide in our country keeps growing wider and wider. We are fighting against the Alt-Right and the BLM. We are arguing about what statues belong and what statues don’t. We can’t even watch a football game anymore without seeing some form of division and hatred.

Cities are being shut down with riots every time there is an officer involved shooting with a black person. Communities are being over-run with white hate-groups trying to promote their demonic agenda. The 24-hour news cycle just continues to perpetuate the craziness of it all. And the most tragic part, the church seems to be completely absent.

There is something wrong with this picture. This morning I am going to try to attempt something that will be very difficult to pull off. I am going to preach on racial reconciliation in a church that has been pretty much segregated from its inception. Presently in the year 2017 a segregated church should be unheard of. Yet the church continues to be the most segregated institution in America. We have to change this! This morning I want you to come to Joy Baptist Church and see what it takes to countercultural.


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