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Good Morning Church,

Today is a great day! Yesterday evening our church came together for our annual community Harvest Festival. It was an amazing event. We had a lot of folks come through that we had never met before. We had a great time introducing ourselves to everyone and inviting all those who did not have a church home to come out and visit with us this morning. We had games, candy, and food! It was a huge success! We are so grateful to have a church with members who are willing to #dowork without complaining because they know it is to the benefit of God’s Kingdom! Great job for all those who were involved.

This morning I start a brand-new sermon series. It is a little three-part series as we move into the Holiday season. This year we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. 500 years ago, on Halloween, Martin Luther nailed his 95 grievances against the Roman Catholic Church on the door of a local church in Wittenberg Germany. What followed this event was the greatest movement in Church history sense the Apostolic age. Out of this movement came the separation from the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Age was born.

In honor of this celebration, I wanted to look at “Why I am a Baptist?” Although Baptists can trace their beginnings all the way back before the reformation with the Anabaptist, Baptists were actually established out of the Reformation. I am going to spend the next three weeks looking at what makes Baptists unique. We are going to look at three different characteristics that specifically set Baptist’s apart. This morning I am going to begin with a basic overview of Baptist Doctrine as we examine the Southern Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

I pray that you will join us this morning in a wonderful time of cooperate worship and fellowship!


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