Why I am a Baptist _ 02

Good Morning Church,

What a wonderful day it is to wake up and praise the Lord! We have been given this day, yet another day we were not promised, so let us rejoice and be glad in it! I have been preaching a short sermon series on “Why I am a Baptist.” In honor of the 500th year anniversary of The Reformation, I wanted to make sure everyone understood what it means to be a Baptist. Last week we looked at some of our doctrinal statements of faith. This week I want us to look at what most people associate with Baptists – Baptism.

What we believe about Baptism comes directly from Scripture. When we look at the reformers most of them did not go far enough concerning the ordinances of the church beginning with Baptism. Paedobaptism has always been a part of the magisterial reformed churches from the moment Luther nailed his theses on the church door. Some of you may be asking; well what in the world is Paedobaptism? It is the practice of baptizing infants. Baptists have always argued, biblically, that Baptism cannot be practiced on infants because it is an ordinance that should only be given to professed believers in Jesus Christ. This is why we call it a “believer’s baptism.” Baptist believe that the Bible is clear regarding the practice of baptism. It should only be administered to those who can publicly profess their salvation. Infants cannot do this.

There are also some other issues regarding baptism that sets Baptists a part. The mode of baptism is important for the Baptists. Scripture never indicates that a believer’s baptism is anything other than full immersion. The word itself is indicative of full immersion. Finally there is the symbolic nature of baptism. For the Baptist, we believe the evidence of Scripture teaches us that Baptism is a symbolic act. Jesus died, was buried, and rose again so that the lost sinner can be born-again. Baptism is the outward expression of this inward exchange. Baptism cannot save anyone. Only faith in Jesus can bring upon redemption. Baptism is the outward expression of this wonderful salvation.

I am inviting you this morning to come and be my personal guest at Joy Baptist Church. We are going to open up the divine Word of God and see what its teaches about Baptism.


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