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Good Morning Church,

Today we finish out this sermon series on “Why I am a Baptist.” Looking back over the past week and remembering the horrible and tragic evil that was perpetuated upon those beautiful people in Southerland Springs, I am left with only grief. Over this past week I have personally seen this grief not only with those in Southerland Springs but right here in East TX, as we ministered to a family who suddenly lost a dear husband, father, brother, and son. What can do we do when we look at such heartache and pain?

We can only do one thing. We must turn to God who is the only one who can give us comfort and peace through this pain. We must gather together without fear in our houses of worship to exalt and magnify the name of Jesus. We must grab ahold of those we love and squeeze them tight! We must proclaim the Gospel with a sense of urgency because we know that tomorrow is not guaranteed. God never once in the history of the universe abdicated his throne! He is the King of Glory and the Lover of our souls.

Solomon speaks about seasons in Ecclesiastes 3. The CSB translates “There is an occasion for everything, and a time for every activity under heaven:” It is a comforting text to turn to when we are walking through particularly difficult times in our life. I have always found quite intriguing the entire book of Ecclesiastes. Solomon spends the whole time writing about how life is futile and everything he had ever done in his life was done in vain. Yet here we have this great word of encouragement in chapter 3.

Church, without a doubt, there is indeed a time for grieving. There is a time for crying and sorrow. There is a time for sadness and regret. But let me tell you something this morning. There is always a time for PRAISE and WORSHIP to an Almighty Creator God! Jesus has given us his grace and through his grace we can find all the comfort and peace we will ever need. His grace is sufficient. So today was we look behind us over the pain of the past week, we will also look ahead to the glorious King who has promised that he will one day return for his bride.

This morning at Joy Baptist Church we are going to celebrate our King by coming to the Lord’s Supper. We would love for you to join us. Worship starts at 10:45


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