Good Morning Church,

What a week! Wow! What a couple of weeks! As I look back on 2017, I can literally say “What a year!” We look back over these last couple of weeks in our church and we have been through the ringer. We came home from church two weeks ago and were glued to our TV’s because a dark and depraved evil walked into a little country church in Sutherland Springs, TX and murdered 26 people. Last week saw the tragic loss of young man who lost control of his car ending his life and leaving behind a young wife with two little boys and a little girl on her way. Just a few days ago Gladewater PD lost an officer, someone we had been praying about for weeks! How can we look through this mess and be thankful?

Well church, I want to tell you this morning we can look through this mess and be thankful because God’s grace is more than enough. He has given us this wonderful ability to give so that we can always be thankful. Having personally walked through this mess with many of you and trying to counsel you as you grieve and try to make answers in all of this confusion, I am convinced that you can experience the wonderful power of God’s grace through your cheerful giving. Just try it. As you grieve, as you question, as you struggle, give to others your time, talents, and treasures in the midst of your pain and God will abundantly provide his grace.

This morning at Joy Baptist Church, I am going to preach a “Thanksgiving” message. But this is not your ordinary “Thanksgiving” message. This message is about what can we do to compel our thanksgiving. I want you to know that thanksgiving is a way of life. I also want you to know that to be truly thankful then you must understand the great GIFT that Christ has given! Thanksgiving comes from the GIFT God has given. So, our thanksgiving comes from the gifts we give. God is constantly supplying our needs so that we can give so that our thanksgiving is always present in our lives.

This message this morning is about how we can increase in our thanksgiving because ultimately when we are giving thanks our grief and sorrow become afterthoughts and our forethoughts become focused on God’s Grace! So, come and join me this morning at 10:45. You can be my personal guest. I will save you a seat next to mine.

Come and see how Awesome God truly is!


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