When God Goes First

Good Morning Church,

Here we are another year gone. Dec. 31, 2017. I know that many of you have spent this weekend reflecting on this past year and looking forward to the next. I can say without a doubt that 2017 has been a year that I will never forget! God has placed me in particular trials this past year that I never thought I would ever have to endure. Yet here I stand looking into a New Year that is going to be full of all kinds of great adventures!

This morning as you wake up and begin to get ready to come to church. Perhaps you will spend a few moments reading this blog. Let me encourage you… Today is a day where you will try to look into the future and try to imagine what it will bring. Let me encourage you while you are looking ahead. Make sure you let God go First! As Joshua stood there in front of a nation who just lost their beloved Moses, he told them that God was going to go first! “We will follow God!” He told them that “as long as we follow God he will do amazing and great things on our behalf.” This is our dilemma church!

We stand before a great unknown! God has something really wonderful and amazing in store for us and we are left with a decision. Will we follow God? Will we let God go first? Church when we do this God will move forward and give us all that he has promised. His Word will revive us and His Spirit will fill us as we move forward to accomplish his will.

Come to church this morning and hear what God’s Word says … “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you.” (Jos. 3:5)


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