Patriarchs: Isaac the Son of Promise

Good Morning Church

I pray that you have awoken this morning with thoughts of heaven. I also pray that you would be diligent in your efforts to make it to church this morning because I am preaching on the Patriarch Isaac and I promise you will see this Man: The Son of Promise in a very different light.

God never ceases to amaze me. As we look at the Patriarchs we see four primary figures: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Joseph will close out this historical section being the blessed son of Jacob. This morning we look at Isaac. When you read through the Genesis account you can’t help but notice that the story of Isaac is pretty short. Really only three significant markers in Isaac’s life: The sacrifice, his wife, and his twin sons. That’s it. When it comes to the text, Isaac is the least significant of all the patriarchs. It seems he is just sandwiched between his father Abraham and his son Jacob. Almost a mere transition from the father of a people to the father of a nation. Yet, here we find in the story of Isaac some amazing profound truths.

I would love for you to come and see what God’s Word shows us about this great Man of God: The Son of Promise. Isaac’s life is an amazing testimony of unflinching truth, undying loyalty, and unceasing stability. Will you join us this morning at Joy Baptist Church? Come you can be my personal guest.


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