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Hello Church,

I am so excited today! This morning I start a new series through the book of Romans—Transformed: The Transforming Power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you have ever wanted to go deeper in your faith then let me suggest to you a deep comprehensive study of Romans. The Apostle Paul gives us, in this letter, his great theological treatise. Everything is there. It is amazing. And the most amazing thing about Romans is that Paul never once digresses from the his main objective and that is a Transformed life through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This morning I begin with Romans 1:1-7 and its just the introduction, but Paul opens with Gospel, writes about the Gospel and concludes with the Gospel. In these first seven verses its all about identity. We all have an identity. Sometimes our identity is in our jobs. Sometimes our identity is wrapped up in our spouses. Sometimes our identity is all about what someone else thinks about us. Sometimes your identity is based completely on your own self-interest. Yes, we know these people who are completely wrapped up in themselves. These things will only lead to turmoil and strife. It will never bring you peace.

The Apostle Paul in the very first few verses of this amazing letter to the church of Rome explains where his identity is. His whole person is formed and shaped by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul knows nothing except Christ crucified! Will you know Jesus today? I am personally inviting you to come and begin this new Sermon series with us at Joy Baptist Church. You can be my personal guest. Worship starts at 10:45.


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