The Great Exchange

Good Morning Church,

I hope everyone is enjoying this new great day where you have effectively lost an hour of sleep last night so that you can gain an hour of Day-Light today! Amen Spring is HERE!!! I hope and pray that everyone would be able to find their way to church today because we will finish out Romans chapter one!

This morning we are going to unpack this pluperfect verb παραδίδωμι (para-did-ōmi) – “gave them up.” Three different times Paul uses this verb in the context of the Romans 1 text. Three different times a great exchange takes place where humanity exchanges God for sin and God “gave them up.” A pluperfect verb is past perfect; utterly perfect or complete. These great exchanges emphasize the extreme gravity of the consequences that take place by rejecting the greatness of a righteous and holy God.

Now we are going to really unpack it this morning but I want you to take a few minutes just thinking about this for a second. Three times in Romans 1 - Vs 23 – they exchanged the Glory of the immortal God for images of man so God “gave them up” to the desires of their hearts. Vs 25 They exchanged the truth of God for a lie so God “gave them up” to disgraceful passions. They exchanged natural for unnatural so in Vs 28 God “gave them up” to a corrupt mind so that “they would do what is not right.”

I don’t know about you, but I am thinking we got the raw end of this deal. What we thought was good was wrong. What we thought was natural was unnatural. We turned away from God and turned to our own passions and desires. This has never worked out for us. All it has done is fill our world with despair and destruction, sickness and strife, rebellion and rejection. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!

It is time for us to turn back to God! To turn back to Christ! God in His wonderful, loving, compassionate, good Grace has provided for us a way to re-do this deal! Join us this morning for a great time in God’s Word as we examine this tragic truth and this terrific testimony!


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