Samson the Great Disappointment

Good Morning Church,

It has been a while sense I wrote a Sunday Morning blog… I really don’t have any real reasons why I stopped other than just feeling a little discouraged. Believing the little lies that the enemy had been whispering in my ear. All of these things put together on top of just really not having any words to say.

Well praise God! My God is forever faithful and he has already won the war! Satan has no power over me by the blood of Jesus Christ who has vanquished him forever! This morning I finish my sermon series through the book of Judges. We have looked at 4 judges so far… Jehud, Deborah, Gideon, Jephthah… and this morning we are going to finish with the great disappointment of Samson.

For some reason we have been given this wrong impression that Samson was some sort of great hero jumping out of the pages of the Old Testament. Just 7 books into the bible and we have had a number of heroes to mention. Noah, Moses, Joshua, these are just to name a few. But Samson does not fit in this list.

We have been told in Sunday School that Samson is the great strong man of God sent to rescue his people from the terrible Philistines. Samson was a great strong man of God. He was sent to rescue his people from the Philistines… but he was no hero. He was the huge disappointment in a book that was mostly about disappointing broken heroes trying to rescue a disappointing people.

Although Samson was a great disappointment, what we see in his story is a great future hope that awaits Israel in a coming savior that would be for them, in their not too distant future, King David. But for humanity as a whole God would be sending a great deliverer who would rescue the whole world! Jesus Christ is the GOOD NEWS that comes from the disappointing news of Samson! What Samson failed to do Jesus Christ would forever be successful!

The failure of Samson reminds us of the success of Jesus! Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World and you can know him today! Will you come this morning at 10:45 AM and hear for yourself? You can be my personal guest! I will save you a seat right next to me.


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