The Scar Remains

Good Morning Church,

I am so glad to be back from the Holy Land. I cannot even begin to express in words the monumental moments that I experienced while in Israel. I am still processing everything and I am praying that God would continue to speak to my heart like he did while I was walking in his footsteps. It is my plan to share those thoughts with you on Wednesday nights through the summer. So, if you are interested in hearing how God showed up in my heart while I was in Israel please make plans to attend our mid-week services throughout the summer.

I was very deliberate in my journaling as I experienced this trip. I want to take you through my trip on a biblical journey through the Holy Land. Keep looking out for the dates as we journey through these summer months. God is at work at Joy Baptist Church and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.

This morning we are back in our Transformed Romans sermon series. We are “moving forward” in 2018 and this series through Romans is a testament of our marching forward in this great Gospel Advancement. This morning it is about the Scar of the Heart!

Covenant is not something we here much about these days, especially in western culture. Covenant was a big deal to God. When God called Abram out of the land of Chaldeans, it was his intention to make covenant with Abram. God is a covenant making God and in the Ancient Near East this was HUGE! You see covenant was not something you laughed at or ignored. We live in a time today where the promise or contract is relative. People break promises and contracts all the time. It is almost as if no one’s word means anything anymore.

The ancient covenant made it a point to make sure the promise of a contractual agreement was honored at all times. So, when God promised Abram that he will make him a father of nations, he meant every word by entering into a covenant with him. The sign of the covenant with Abram was circumcision. This is what the Apostle Paul was getting at in our text this morning. Circumcision was the outward scar that proved the Jew was in a covenant relationship with God. But God made an everlasting covenant with Abram and it would be an everlasting covenant with all men. But the scar must be an inward scar. For it to be an everlasting covenant the scar must be on the heart!

You do not want to miss the sermon this morning! It is going to be an amazing word from God! Please come and join us this morning at 10:45 at Joy Baptist Church. You can be my personal guest!


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