Good Morning Church,

I hope everyone is ready and highly anticipating a great experience this morning with the most magnificent manifest presence of God? It is indeed why we come to Church. I hope and pray that this morning the Holy Spirit would overwhelm you and rain over you his great peace and comfort.

This morning we are going to continue in our Transformed Series through the Book of Romans. Romans 3:21-31 is one of the greatest explanations on the doctrine of Justification throughout the entre bible! It is the Apostle Paul’s great exposition on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

But there is something else that our text really brings out this morning. If we take a closer look at the pronouns we will see one that continues to jump out— “His.” We are going to find out something wonderful this morning. Paul is going to be very emphatic that the Gospel belongs to God! It is His!

Let me try to explain. I had my grand-hearts over this weekend. One is 4 about to turn 5 in October, and the other just turned 2. They love each other dearly but they think everything they pick up, that it belongs to him or her! I heard this often over the weekend. “That is mine!” “No, you can’t have it, it is mine!”

Then sometimes you would hear— “Here Matthew, you can have it.” You see the older sister wanted to be nice and what was her's she gave to her brother. Now this would make her little brother very happy for a small amount of time. It would not last of course because whatever possession it was, it only provided a temporary feeling. However, what God has, whatever belongs to God, is eternal and will last forever!

This is what we find in our text this morning. The Gospel belongs to God! It is HIS! Over and over again we will see the Apostle Paul use this pronoun “His” – (verse 24) His Grace, (25) His Blood, His Righteousness, His Restraint-- and all of that equals HIS SALVATION!

It belongs to God because God was the only one who could accomplish it! The GOOD NEWS is this: He has given what is HIS to US freely so that we can become HIS forever! Now that WILL PREACH!

Praise God! I hope you will be able to join us this morning! You can be my personal guest! I will even save you a seat!


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