Faith WINS

Good Morning Church,

As I write this morning I am so overwhelmed by the manifest presence of God. It is because the Word of God is powerful and the Holy Spirit loves to really penetrate into the very depths of our hearts with his powerful Word. This is my prayer for you as you read and listen to the sermon this morning on Romans 5:1-11.

The Apostle has spent four chapters now explaining the tragic consequence of our sin and the glorious Love of God through our faith in Jesus Christ. Paul as covered many aspects regarding our sin, our justification, and our faith. He has told us of the great example of faith, Abraham. And now he begins this section of scripture regarding the assurance of our Salvation by proclaiming the triumph of faith!

FAITH WINS! I am so amazed by the love of God! He has given us this great ability to have faith in Jesus’s propitiation that He accomplished on the cross and the acceptance of that sacrifice through his resurrection! FAITH WINS because Jesus did the most unthinkable, the most foolish, the craziest, the most insane act of all time. He died for the unjust!

In our text this morning we see for the first time in the New Testament those great and beautiful words. BUT GOD- These two words jump off the pages of Scripture and explode in vibrant colors right before our very imaginations. While we were still sinners. While we were still reprobates. While we were still rebels. While we were still God haters. While we were still actively cursing God, he came and died for our sins! “But God proves his own love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Rom. 5:8)

This is it. FAITH WINS! Because Jesus did the unthinkable. Faith wins and because of that we can REJOICE! Will you rejoice with me this morning at Joy Baptist Church? Join us… you can be my personal guest. Worship starts at 10:45.


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